Digging for Dinos


A Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt will be held on Wednesday, September 28th in the Children’s Department.  COSI Connects science learning kits will also be available for each participant.   COSI has designed a Dinosaur box to be fun, engaging, and educational. COSI knows education is important now more than ever, and COSI stands ready to be your partner with this COSI science kit.  This box is full of experiences designed to engage learners of all ages! As you look through the Activity Book found inside the kit, you will find step-by-step instructions, interactive questions that will promote critical thinking, and explanations of the science behind each activity. Each box contains the materials needed to complete each activity, but many activities also provide options to expand on the science using materials found at home. While many children will be able to independently complete all of these activities, this is a great opportunity for an adult, classmate, or sibling to join in the fun.  After the Scavenger Hunt you will also be given an ice cream treat.  Be sure to join in the Dinosaur fun!